• To provide a support service for children and young people of statutory school age who by reason of illness require suitable alternative arrangements for their education for the period of that illness
  • To ensure that such children and young people have access to appropriate education in order to support their medical and educational needs and progress.


  • To support the continuing education of the young person with minimal disruption while they are unable to attend school full time and are receiving medical intervention/treatment
  • To enable pupils to access full time education provision as soon as they are able to manage it, helping them to develop their confidence and potential
  • To work in partnership with parents and all professionals involved with the pupil including health and social care professionals
  • To involve the pupil in setting their targets and monitoring their progress
  • to work in partnership with the school where the pupil is on roll so that they maintain their responsibility for the appropriate curriculum continuity and support the progress of the pupil
  • To support all pupils in making appropriate levels of progress
  • To complete a Personal Education Plan (PEP) at the initial meeting
  • To review progress on a six-weekly basis to ensure the continuing and changing needs of the individual are met
  • To advise schools and oversee the reintegration of children and young people within the context of health professionals' advice.